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Benefits of using a payment gateway

Payment gateways come with an array of benefits that can help businesses increase operational efficiency and improve customer experience. Here are the main advantages:

Enhanced customer experience

Modern customers expect intuitive, flexible, and hassle-free shopping experiences, and a payment gateway caters to these expectations. It allows customers to make payments anytime, anywhere, and from any device

Improved security

Payment gateways implement stringent security measures to protect sensitive customer information. They use high-level encryption technologies and secure protocols to safeguard data such as credit card numbers, ensuring they are safe from possible fraud and data breaches

Quicker processing

With payment gateways, automated processes handle transactions faster than manual processing. This speed provides a swift checkout experience for customers and accelerates the sales cycle for businesses, improving cash flow.

Global expansion

For businesses that are expanding their reach globally, a payment gateway is an invaluable tool. Many payment gateways support multiple currencies, enabling businesses to cater to customers in various countries.

TLD Global’s Account Setup Consultancy

Open a Stripe, PayPal Business account for your business. Establish the first connection between your business and the payment gateway provider. We provide support and consultancy when your account is limited.

Open Account

Open a Stripe, PayPal Business account for your business. Establish the first connection between your business and the payment gateway provider.

Account management

Handling incidents that occur during account operation, including lifting account limits, adjusting reserve levels, and many other issues.

Transaction fee reduction

Reducing transaction fees on payment volume up to 0.5%.


1. For e-commerce businesses, should I choose PayPal Personal or PayPal Business?

PayPal Personal is an account for individuals while PayPal Business is for business owners. Creating a PayPal Business account offers the following advantages:

  • A business name
  • Facilitate payments by Credit card, Debit card, bank account with low fees and no limit on receiving/sending money
  • Many incentives from PayPal

PayPal Business is more suitable for business purposes.

2. What does it mean by “limit” on PayPal, Stripe?

Limitation refers to the temporary restriction of certain functions within a PayPal, Stripe account, such as transfers, withdrawals, or settlements. This security measure is in place to safeguard users against potential suspicious activities, including fraudulent transactions. While essential for account security, limitations can occasionally pose challenges for businesses and retailers, as urgent financial transactions may be delayed by up to a week during the verification process.

3. Are PayPal checkout and Stripe similar?

PayPal and Stripe are prominent international payment gateway service providers, recognized intermediaries authorized by respected credit card networks and financial institutions globally to facilitate transactions for sellers of goods.

Key common features:

  • Transparent, fixed transaction fees that can be easily estimated.
  • Capability to accept online payments securely.
  • Support for PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance, ensuring seller security.
  • Ability to process both credit and debit card payments.
  • User-friendly integration and usage.
  • Access to customer support via the Help Center and comprehensive website instructions.

4. Is PayPal superior to Stripe?

PayPal provides user-friendly services, while Stripe offers an array of developer-friendly features. Here’s a breakdown of the key differences between these two payment gateways:

  • PayPal makes it easy to sign up and set up an account; Integrate POS system if you want to sell directly; integrate free online invoices; Use the Wallet feature to hold money, apply Hold, Reverse levels,… with Seller
  • Meanwhile, Stripe allows storing and moving customer data; Buyers are not redirected away from the store’s website when checking out (this feature is also available on PayPal but only with PayPal Pro)


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