Online Advertising

Online Advertising
Performance Marketing

Performance marketing; It is a type of marketing where performance is achieved by developing marketing strategies suitable for your brand goals through digital channels such as Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram.

It is also known as SEM (Search Engine Marketing), which stands for ‘Search Engine Marketing / Advertising’.

Our Performance Marketing Process

Analysis and Research

  • The market research
  • Audience Analysis
  • Location and Demographic Analysis
  • Cost analysis
  • Bid
  • Budget Plan

Consulting and Implementation

  • Conversion Setups
  • Campaign Setups
  • Existing Campaigns
  • Optimization
  • ROAS/CPA Analysis

Measurement and Report

  • Competition analysis
  • CPC Analysis
  • Auction insights
  • Conversion Analysis

Why Performance Marketing?

The biggest advantage that distinguishes performance marketing from other types of marketing is to direct you to the page you see most relevant by showing advertisements at the desired location, to the audience you want, with the visual creative and advertising texts you want.

You can create potential target audiences according to their interests and purchasing trends in the market, and you can show this audience brand awareness or direct sales-oriented ads. You can show ads to audiences who visit your website or mobile application, but do not perform actions such as purchasing or filling out forms.

In addition, one of the most important advantages is that all of the gains you have achieved according to the budget you have spent can be measured in detail.


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